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Golf1echo 05-22-2018 07:55

James Woods mocking DNC Slogan
:D This made me smile...cut through the haze into the reality :D

Agoge2 05-22-2018 07:59

It does my heart good to see those in Hollywood who are willing to go against the machine and fire back at them while holding them accountable for the words they speak. Good on him for doing it....

Streck-Fu 05-22-2018 08:14


Box 05-22-2018 09:00

That theres funny - I dont care who ya' are

tonyz 05-22-2018 10:44

Gotta love some of those pics !

Based on their words and deeds - can’t see how dims would disagree !

Hand 05-22-2018 11:05

Stolen from the comment section, but damn...

"“Are you an American or are you a democrat ?"

Joker 05-22-2018 15:33


Originally Posted by Box (Post 643387)
That theres funny - I dont care who ya' are

Pulls-up-sy wont think so. But, who cares? :D

Penn 02-07-2020 08:33

Good News, James Woods is back on twitter, and sharp as ever.

Ret10Echo 02-07-2020 08:49

This Tw$# had a NICE point on it :D


I was on vacation awhile, avoiding the news. How’d the #Mueller thing work out? The #impeachment scam? Who won the #Iowa caucuses? Is #MichaelAvenatti still a contender for the Democratic nomination for President? How’s #JeffreyEpstein doing?
Welcome back Mr Woods

Dan5 02-19-2020 03:55

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