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SF_BHT 01-05-2018 09:52


Originally Posted by BACSI72 (Post 637908)
see my post

Now if you would put it in the right place you would then be a step forward.

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Originally Posted by BACSI72 (Post 637782)
Graduated SF training (91b4s, medic) April 1971, and then assigned to the 7th until I went to Vietnam December 1971.

I was the last SF medic at a CCS launch site (TF3AE) which closed in March 1972.

Then FANK, I was a SF medic at Long Hai from April to November 1972. I was assigned to Cambodian battalions and also went to Phu Bai on a mobile training team to retrain the 3rd ARVN division.

Names of some medics I remember are Scotty, Wind, Yanowski, Chamizo, Dixon. Captain Wilbur Stokes was one of my commanders of a training battalion. Major Reed was the doctor at Long Hai and Ban Me Thout (CCS)

Left the military after my 3 year enlistment. College, married, divorced, etc., Living in Thailand for 1/2 of the year, over the winter months. Have a house there and a steady girl. Then I travel in the USA for 1/2 of the year. I attend the Special Forces conventions and the Special Operations Association Reunions.Be glad to get in touch with my comrades.

I was there at that time. Do you remember a medic that stuttered really bad. I think his name was Spears. Just before I returned back to the world in April 72 he was in the bush with a Captain that had served his time working in supplies and wanted to go to the bush. He got his wish. He was walking behind a bode that tripped an AP mine that killed the bode and blew the Captains legs off. Spears was working on him and the dustoff pilot wouldn't land because the LZ was unsecured. Spears with his stuttering told the pilot to land or he was going to hunt him down and kill him.

Wade K 11-01-2020 20:29

SFC Larry G. Mills Long Hai 1972?
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Hello Gentlemen,
my name is Wade Krawczyk and I am in Brisbane Australia.

I am a military historian, and have just added to my collection a very large lot to a Green beret, who's second tour had him at the Long Hai school USARV training FANK from Dec 1971 to Dec 1972. I wondered if by chance anyone knew him?

His name is SFC Larry G. Mills, and his specialty was weapons loader. His items included FANK insignia, an AATTV patch, and various papers. Still on the way are a bunch of his uniforms (ERDLs and Jungle greens, including the 'Republique Khmer' arcs) and equipment. It was great to see he had an AATTV patch, as well as a very used pair of Ausssie GP boots and a boonie.

I am just contacting people who were at Long Hai at that time to see if they knew him, so I can build a record of his time there. I have not even seen a photograph of him as someone bought those at a yard sale previously. I also missed his FANK beret which was a drag and the current owner of the rest of his gear has a couple of terrific long Hai plaques to him. Of course the training of FANK is fascinating, and the Australian connection very strong.

Prior to this Mills was first tour 1967-68 serving as Demo in A-241 Polei Kleng and then as Lt Weapons A-244 Dak To/Ben Het

Many thanks for your time. If anyone has photos of Mills, or any details about him I would like to add them to his archive.

(I'm a 60 year old ex military accredited cameraman(civilian with some basic), just so you know it's not just a kid calling)

JJ_BPK 11-02-2020 06:34


Originally Posted by Wade K (Post 663391)
Hello Gentlemen,
my name is Wade Krawczyk and I am in Brisbane Australia.

Mr Krawczyk

I believe you received an email requesting that your FIRST post be an introduction and that you also fill in your profile.

Please comply before you post again.


Wade K 11-02-2020 18:39

Roger, my apologies (how many times have you had to request THAT?) it's all done.
Best, WK

The Reaper 11-02-2020 21:54


Originally Posted by Wade K (Post 663433)
Roger, my apologies (how many times have you had to request THAT?) it's all done.
Best, WK



Wade K 11-03-2020 07:01

Thank you Sir!

PRB 11-03-2020 18:14

Wade....his MOS....military occupational skill, would have been light / heavy weapons Sergeant. This was basically an 11B skill set (Infantry) where many coming from an Infantry background ended up in SF, myself included.

Wade K 11-04-2020 00:08

Yes indeed that's about right. I'm waiting for the rest of his papers to arrive in the next load of gear, but what I have so far is this:

SFC. Mills served with the 5th & 7th SFG, along with 325th Infantry (82nd Airborne). SFC. Mills completed pre-deployment RVN training with 7th SFG at Ft. Bragg in May, 1966 & deployed to Vietnam shortly after that. From 1968-1971 he was stationed at Ft. Bragg (JFK Special Warfare) then after the 2nd tour (Long Hai) he returned Dec. 1972 to Ft. Bragg & was transferred to 325th Infantry, before being transferred back to 5th SFG in 1974.

I'm looking forward to his uniforms and equipment arriving along with more paperwork. I just wish I could find a picture of the guy.

Wade K 12-11-2020 23:31

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To update in case anyone is interested or photos jog memories, I have found more on SFC Mills.

I found his grave, and he is buried in the Pleasant Hill cemetery, outside Gilmer Texas. I have lost of his uniforms here now including JFK special Warfare School and his ERDL cams from the Long Hai UITG/FANK school.

I'm still trying to obtain his photo and award documents below (owned by a dealer), and some plaques etc. I would like to honour the man by keeping his estate as intact as possible.

If the photo below jogs anyone's memory and you knew him, please let me know.
All the best. Wade K. Australia

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