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frostfire 04-28-2018 04:07

blackhawk ops gear jacket
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Blackhawk gear generally gets poor rep here, but I am very impressed by this one.

I've had it for a few years and so far the stitching, zipper, and finish survive range use and tons of hot washing cycle. The extensive storage also allow me to carry radio, flashlight, cellphone, both passports, badge, wallet, shade and even entire IFAK kit at the back side while still keeping a slim profile.

I am most impressed by the design of how deep the pockets are. You see that the front side pockets have room all the way to the armpit, which allow me to carry the E&E radio. With IFAK and radio, the jacket serves like a kit. Most folks here carry their kits in molle-packed maxpedition sling bag or on the outside, pretty much giving away who they are and the association. IMHO, the jacket does not look too mallninja-ish. Wearing shirt and tie, I fit the profile of a generic clerk, local and other nations' low level diplomats in this part of the world. Helps a lot with hiding in plain sight during SHTF or false flagging ;)

For additional bonus, there are rough rubbery linings along the arms. The texture feels like the rubber on your High Power jacket. It really hugs the surface, providing stable platform at the range. I'm sure it will hug flesh as well if an occasion ever calls for elbow to face contact. I wore it in a practical pre-deployment self defense class and it allows full ROM for all strikes, even grappling.

IIRC, I paid $56, which is a steal for this versatile, rugged, multi functional outfit.

JJ_BPK 04-28-2018 04:27

Do you have a link?
All the jackets on the Blackhawk site are over a C note, none called "ops gear jacket"?
Could it be their "Tactical Softshell Jacket "?
link to jackets

frostfire 04-29-2018 09:02
This one.
Its not as tacticool looking in dark black.
Surprisingly water resistant too.
The inside pockets in the back connect so you pretty much have a dump pouch or butt pack type storage, which is how I can break down my IFAK and stuff em all there. Zipper easy to open/close and reach w one hand (then again, I can do weak hand draw across my back)
You can prob stuff an mk23 w full can back there lol

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