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Budoka 04-02-2004 21:05

11th SFG(A) 88 to 91
Hi all,

Looking for members of Bco 2nd 11th SFG from 1988 through 1991.
I know most of the Q guys folded into the Delta Co. 2nd of the 19th back in 1994, but I can't find a listing for that unit anymore.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.

Maverick777 07-02-2007 15:20

From: Detachment Sgt., MI Det., 2/11, Louisville, KY.
Everyone is scattered far and wide. Many in the 19th and 20th on active duty. Many provisional?


Jesse Boyd 08-01-2007 17:55


Originally Posted by Budoka
Hi all,

Looking for members of Bco 2nd 11th SFG from 1988 through 1991.
I know most of the Q guys folded into the Delta Co. 2nd of the 19th back in 1994, but I can't find a listing for that unit anymore.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.

B/2/19th is located at Rickenbacker ARNGB just South of Columbus, OH. You can reach the unit at (614)336-6477 or 336-6630. If you want to know about other members of old B/2/11 thatare no longer in the military, call me at the PH# below, and I will see if I can help you.

Jesse Boyd

Bastard 6 01-12-2009 06:09

11th SFGA at Tappan, NY
I was taken in by the 1st Bn 11th SFGA which was posted at an old Nike missile base up in Tappan, NY on the NY/NJ border for a very short while. I remember a SSG Rios but I don't remember the CO's name, he was a COL. It was around 1973 or so, I was joining the USAR and they were sponsoring me. I ended up going in as AD, enlisted at the Coney Island, Brooklyn NY recruiting station, by a SFC Dave Marvulli. I ended up taking BCT and AIT at Ft. Polk, ABN at Benning, then Ranger and was assigned right out of OCS to the 1st Bn 75th Infantry (Ranger) at Hunter Army Airfield, GA. When it started up. Two years later, I was selected for SFQC, passed and was assigned to 1st Bn 7th SFGA at Bragg. I went on from their, eventually doing time at the schoolhouse, 1st SOC, JSOC and finally USASOC. Was retired on disability after three combat spine injuries, from Grenada, Panama and Storm. Would like to know whatever happened to the guys from 1st of 11th SFGA USAR?
LTC E.J.Passarelli USA (Ret.)

steeve20 01-12-2009 08:39

I am from 1/11th in Tappen and the Newburgh. There are quite a few of us still around. I went in 1/11 in 79 and left in 85

Penn 01-12-2009 12:19

The CO was Stenson

TrooperT 01-12-2009 19:09

I was an 18D in B211 from 1979 to 1986. I was at the deactivation ceremony in Youngstown when they cased our guidon. It was a good unit and we had a lot of great guys there.

Comsmith22 01-16-2009 08:07

I was in C/3/11th 1976-78 in Winston-Salem, NC as a 91B and then as a 05B
then went to C/2/19th from 1979-83 at Camp Dawson WV

JimH 03-31-2009 13:13

I served with B Co 1/11 SFGA from 1980-1988.(Tappan and Newburg)
Seved almost a year with the HQ element and then the rest of the time On ODA 122
A Number of the men are members of SFA Chapter 19 NJ.

ODA 226 04-03-2009 08:51


Originally Posted by Penn (Post 244068)
The CO was Stenson

Do you know the whereabouts of Marchi (SP), Lochran (SP) or Lamareaux? (SP) We were all in Denmark together in 1986. Lt. Lochran and I were jumped by two Iranians one evening in Odense, one of whom was armed with a 10" butcher knife. We really laid a kicking on them, and both required extensive hospitalization!

Mr Furious 01-04-2010 22:29

I was in B/2/11SFG during that time frame. Jesse's post is spot on as most rolled into 2/19SFG. The majority of B/2/11SFG stayed in OH and combined with the other 11th SFG units from OH to form a provisional company; Det 1, 2/19SFG. In 1996 we were formally flagged as B/2/19SFG. Eddie P.

Penn 01-05-2010 03:30

Lamareaux... Now that brings a smile to my face. Last we spoke he's an E-8 in Korea,funny how we all find each other...we were in touch last year. If I can locate the address I'll PM it.

Sorry for the delay here in rpy...and I remember hearing that tale...

ODA 226 01-06-2010 08:38

That would be great! Bob is one of the funniest guys I've ever met! We had great fun together.

When Mark and I laid the beat down on those Iranians, it was so bad that the Danish Police came to the casern the next morning to arrest us! Stinson would have nothing of it so he had a 130 fly to Odense just for us and it flew us back to Sculthorpe.

We were greeted at the airfield with a huge banner that said, "USA 2 Iran 0!".

Of course this is the Readers Digest version of the event....

CSB 01-06-2010 15:18

2 Attachment(s)
There is apparently an active 11th Group reunion group organized in conjunction with the SFA Chaper in Charlotte, NC. PM me for details.
Comsmith22, recognize anybody?

Mortarman11c 02-10-2010 10:21

I was in B/3/11. 87-89. We were a "split company". Two teams in Savannah off Eisenhower Drive the other three teams off Macon Road in Columbus, GA. Split our jumping in between Fryar DZ at Benning and Taylors Creek or Taro DZs at Stewart. Fun times.

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