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3SoldierDad 10-28-2007 11:51

Smells fishy...
The most discouraging aspect to this guy and his post is that he didn't get weeded out to begin with.

For all his learning this guy didn't seem to get one once of wisdom - He sounds like a fool. It's a bummer to even think about a man like this wearing the SF tab. From what I observe, the Q is only one piece of the puzzle - the first piece - the first step in a long journey. The "whine generation" often, it seems to me, wants to skip experience and get handed the Prize. A Prize that can only come with years in the field with a team. I've been on this board regularly for months and I haven't read about any short-cuts.

As a former language teacher with an MA in Linguistics, let me say - Classroom settings for language are NEVER ideal - NEVER, NEVER, NEVER - this is not the Q's problem. It is simply an educational reality. What would this guy suggest - Go on deployment to the Box with NO EXPOSURE to Arabic? Or, to spend two years isolated in a language school? Give me a break... Both those options would be worse. So, folks prepare the best way they can - sitting their butt down and learning from books, tapes, videos, and instructors for a finite period = PREPPING to go to the field. Not perfect, but as good as it gets in this imperfect world.

In addition to be being a naive cry baby - this dude strikes me as an immature ingrate and is walking around with a big chip on his soldier (that hopefully someone will knock off).

Finally, IMO, this guy's whole memo smells fishy to me.

Three Soldier Dad....Chuck


LongWire 10-28-2007 12:10

Shot Over...........

Scimitar 10-28-2007 12:11


Recent grad of the Q and his profile lists him as a SSG? OK you young stud muffin 18Xs, what is the fastest you're making E-6 these days?
My understanding is you hit
E4 = 9-12
E5 around = 18 – 24 (still in Q)
But you hit your team as an E5 and get the E6 about 6-12 months in
I think you’re lucky to hit E7 until after you’ve been in a team for at least 4 years (guess)

I'm not a BTDT and I am far from perfect and still learning SF ways, but I would expect some guy who has made it thru the Q course to have far better SA then to bitch on a public forum.

Some of the stuff he discusses about Language doesn’t add up with the information I have.

His Rank seems a bit off and he’s lost all his Language skills between blocks, give me a break talk to your mate who is also learning Arabic, there everywhere. Sesh!

Sounds like a poser who didn't make it to me, and wants to tell the world about how it wasn't his fault.



Surgicalcric 10-28-2007 13:19


Originally Posted by Scimitar (Post 186810)
...I am not a BTDT...

...he’s lost all his Language skills between blocks, give me a break talk to your mate who is also learning Arabic, there everywhere...


When your time after class, between language blocks, is spent studying surgery and anesthesia or prepping and cleaning til 2am when you have to be in class again at 6, or you are studying radio wave propagation and antenna theory, or a myriad of other things covered during the MOS portion(s) of the SFQC you can feel free to comment on how you are sustaining proficiency in your target language between blocks 1 & 2 and 2 & Blitz. Its easy to arm chair quarterback the guy when you are still sitting on a bean bag. ;) I will be anxious to see if you feel the same after not formally studying language for 40 weeks during the Delta course.


jbour13 10-28-2007 13:20

Sounds like a bitter poser to me.

No listing in AKO, wrong timeframe for rank given that he's an 18X just out of the Q.

Not consistent from the young men that I see coming to my unit every few months. Most are the quiet, reserved, and well mannered soldier that we expect to see. The kind that is eyes and ears open, mouth welded shut.

My humble $.02


Jack Moroney (RIP) 10-28-2007 13:37

Having been around longer than some and having been involved in the Q course over a period of decades both directly and working with the outcome, I have heard every bitch, moan, snivel, grip, whine, better idea, good idea, lousy idea, terrible idea, if only this, and what about that, und so weiter. BUT the end result is that the troop that comes through that experience always, for the most part, has been able to exceed expectations and change worlds. So what exactly is the problem:rolleyes: I have read EOC critques, changed programs when it made sense and made MFRs for future implementation when resources became available, and laughed my ass off at folks who fell into the "if wishes were horses then beggars would ride" category. There are very few perfect situations where you can match resources with requirements and have to do what you can with what you have and get on with it. Just my 2 cents.

FearMonkey 10-28-2007 13:40

Oh boo frickin' hoo. Guess what, when I put my Green Beret on all I could do was slap the dashboard of a Humvee like a monkey, and the only place I'd ever seen a .50 cal was in the movies. But you know what... I'm leaving for an advanced Humvee driving course in a couple weeks, and I can set head space and timing like a champ. Guess who's going to be riding shotgun on the Ma' Deuce in Iraq? I know when it's appropriate to use proper military courtesy and when things can be more relaxed. I've put more boatloads of rounds downrange learning transition drills, shooting and moving drills, and CQB training in the past couple months than in my entire time in the Army. Furthermore, we've got SFAUC coming up. I've already been to language refresher where I got a chance to dust the cobwebs off my Russian, and I've learned more about practical application of commo in the past 6 months than I ever did in the course.

And to top it all off... I'm just on the B-Team. So stop besmirching the reputation of my generation with your child-like incessant whining and go seek that knowledge and experience you want so badly. You earned that damned Green Beret... NOW ACT LIKE ONE!!

Scimitar 10-28-2007 14:40

Roger that Cric,

Back in my whole


jwt5 10-28-2007 14:42

The person did say that he's never been in the "big Army" so he wouldn't know that it's the same way in the 'big Army' when you're going through your MOS school. I never even sat in a humvee until I made it to my first unit. Heck, my first time firing a M2 was during the invasion of Iraq.

Like someone said, he's probably a poser, or someone who just wants to whine and the only reason we're reading about it is because it continues the "they don't get the training/equipment they need" mantra....

I WISH I had half the training someone in the Q had let alone the myrad of training you QPs receive after being put on a team. If he is really in the Q, then I hope someone finds out a name and he's "trained" properly :lifter

The Reaper 10-28-2007 14:50

Given the lack of an AKO account, he has either used a pseudonym, or is not a soldier.


Pete 10-28-2007 14:51

The first page...
If you young lads and other posters will notice the first page was all guys who had been through the Q Course, the second page is starting to get some that ain't started yet and some that never will.

For those that ain't yet and them that never will be, why don't we reserve the comments.

Fear Monkey, Crip you guys are fairly new out of the course so I'll let you do the heavy lifting now :lifter.


Never piss off the B Team, most of the people who work there can have big impacts on your future:D

HeavyDrop 10-28-2007 15:12

You will never know it all
I was a signal guy and now I am an 18E. I thought I knew some stuff about comms. In just under a year on a team I have learned so much I have had to start forgetting other stuff to make room for it. Coming out of the course I was anxious about the things I didn't know. But I found out real quick that the people who have the most trouble are the people who think they ALREADY KNOW IT ALL when they show up. Your team (if you ever get to one) knows that you don't know certain things. They will not allow you to fail.

If after reading all of these responses you still feel this way please download the following form and turn it in to the appropriate authorities. We keep a handy supply of these in the team room just for people like you.

Penn 10-28-2007 16:07

removed the post

JMI 10-28-2007 16:42


Surgicalcric 10-28-2007 19:08


Originally Posted by Pete (Post 186834)
If you young lads and other posters will notice the first page was all guys who had been through the Q Course...

For those that ain't yet and them that never will be, why don't we reserve the comments...

To reiterate what the SGM hinted at, if you havent been to the SFQC, graduated and have first hand knowledge of the course reserve your comments for another thread.


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