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Kilo9 01-27-2014 15:08

looking for an 18D
When I was in Afghanistan I worked with an 18D who was a great guy and was trying to get in contact with him but can't find him anywhere he was with 1st GROUP, anyone know where I can look maybe?

blue02hd 01-27-2014 17:05

You said "Great guy" AND 1st Group? Nope, no one comes to mind,,,,:lifter

Kilo9 01-27-2014 18:40

Ouch, I was deployed with him when I was a dog handler 11-12, he was on loan cause not enough medics and when he went back to AOB i lost contact, I was wondering if anyone knows away to find someone, I don't want to put his name out there though it's not a big deal just wanted to see what he was up too

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