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TonyY 06-23-2006 17:39

"Shirley airport exists no more. They are building condos around the area."

I remember after they closed Pepperille airport (or something like that) members of the the Trojan club cleared a drop zone behind Shirley airport. It was kind of small but it worked out for most of us in the club. Is the jail near Devens still there? I remeber making a jump and landing in the courtyard. That was fun. Almost as nice as the HALO teams landing in Sear's town.

7624U 06-26-2006 03:42

072 2002-present leaving for SWC :boohoo

mffjm8509 06-27-2006 06:21


Originally Posted by Firebeef
yeah the only unscathed G's left was me and Johnny G. We were considering wrapping up in bubble wrap for jumps and stuff!!!

Count Johnny G out of that equation....had a hard landing a few months ago at Yuma and broke his femur. Maybee you should have explored that bubble wrap plan a bit more!

Recovering well now. Rides to work on his new Fatboy, but walks in with a cane!


Firebeef 06-27-2006 12:29

Yeah I heard about the continuing saga of the curse of the G's landin smack dab on Johhny Gs 4th point of contact!! well, all I can say is I be OK. Hope it stays that way, we had a structure fire just this morning, and so far no bubble wrap needed.


Richard 06-27-2006 16:42

Bad Toelz - ODAs 9 and 7 - 1976/1978 - 91B3SGMW9

lksteve 06-28-2006 07:58


Originally Posted by Richard
Bad Toelz - ODAs 9 and 7 - 1976/1978 - 91B3SGMW9

so, what's up Purpl...i mean Floy...i mean Richard...

CoLawman 06-28-2006 08:11


Originally Posted by Firebeef
OK...if we are really gonna get technical about this...
99-Present, living in a 69 Impala under the 5th St bridge in Greeley, CO can't afford a 69 Impala!

Firebeef 06-29-2006 09:16

ok ok, it's a 67, but it had a 69 motor when it was runnin!!

geez can't even tell littlle eensy teensy white lies around these here parts!

12B4S 06-30-2006 01:39

Damn!!! Firebeef. I watched that Myth Buster show last night. They wanted to recreate an old myth type happening from here in AZ a few decades ago. Where a retired Air force sergeant slapped a JADO on his 67 Impala, lost it and flew into some hill. The myth buster guys looked high and low for that '67 Impala. Thing is, it was the 60's. Not to mention destroying your home. :rolleyes:

Firebeef 06-30-2006 02:49

I thought it had a funny rocket fuel kinda kinda thought maybe it was the previous occupants smell, with the sterno and ripple and all...:p

12B4S 07-01-2006 21:16

Sounds like a well off 'previous occupant'. He could afford Sterno and Ripple. :D

UnSafe 07-11-2006 20:25

18D on ODA 572, A/3/5 SFG (Ft. Bragg) '87-'90.

Couldn't hack it as an NCO, so I went Warrant as a PA, then slipped further down the slope when we all got Comissioned.

PA for 2/10 SFG '96-'99. Incredible group of guys.

Retired in '02. Happily working 2-3 days per week solo in a Rural Hospital ER. Sounds good, except they're 24hr shifts... Money's good, anyway.

ODA 226 07-13-2006 23:44

CoB, 2Bn, 10 SFGA (ODA 226) 1979-1982 ; Served under Maj. Moroney, the best damn officer I ever had the honor to serve with!

CoB, 2Bn, 11 SFGA (ODA 211, 216) 1983-1994.

Went to the former Jugoslavia in 1995, ran around with Franz Shoaf and Don Davis there. Ended up residing in Croatia after the war. Currently working as a contractor in Iraq.


12B4S 07-14-2006 02:32

Welcome guys. Always great to see more from the 10TH.

Col M should be along shortly ODA 226. :D

Jack Moroney (RIP) 07-14-2006 05:08

Hey Craig,

Welcome aboard, good to hear that you are still doing great things.


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