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mikemac356 08-19-2012 14:19

B 3/10 ODA 085 and 083 91-95 ( Devens)
95-98 SWC
A 1/10 ODA 014 and 016 98-00 (Stuttgart)
HHC 1/10 BN S3 00-01 (Stuttgart)
A 3/10 ODA 074 01-04 (Carson)

oda321 02-04-2013 15:24

B co 3rd 10th, Ft Devens
72 to 75
Lived with Hoppy off base in Ayer
Looked up Zambori a few years back in Northern Fl
Team Sgt Trussel
Anybody know what happened to David Hahn

Thanks bring back old memory's.

UWOA 02-18-2013 23:16

Based on a rusty memory ....
Co B, 10th SFGA 1971-1972; MOS 31542. It was either ODA 21 or ODA 24, don't remember alot because it only had me as the Det Cdr and a SSG 11F. We served as fillers for training (Indiantown Gap, Summer ROTC Camp and a flyaway DA training mission to attack a missile base on Eglin AFB. Otherwise, I spent mos of my time working on updating the area study for our UWOA in a certain country.

Memories of 10th Group: Ski training at Sunday River, ME; the big tree in the middle of Turner DZ that you had to avoid; learning to slack rope rappel on the tower behind Group Headquarters; the Group Dining-In where the field grade officers attended wearing, not dress or mess blues, camouflage tuxedos; and my NCO teaching me how to pick locks.

ntuit1 03-03-2013 20:39

Geez, guess I missed the thread too. Good to see you at the graduation last year.

Kryptek62 03-11-2013 13:34

Just reported to 1-10. A co. Glad to startup my career here.

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