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angel 02-17-2017 12:01

Blue print to get me to SFAS NEED HELP!
I have done plenty of research but never got enough info to satisfy me with what to say to the recruiter &/or if it is even possible to take the path i want.

THE PATH I WANT: I definitely want to join the army and try out for SPECIAL FORCES.

QUESTION I HAVE : im 32 yrs old fully recovered from an acl tear and broken pelvis that happened when i was 26.. what is the fastes way to get to selection? and will they accepted me with my past injuries.. WHAT ARE MY OPTIONS TO GET IN AS FAST AS POSSIBLE 18X (TOO OLD?) IM running 7 min miles (basically almost at my phisical goal) any more info look up my profile or ask.. THANK U FOR YOUR TIME I WOULD APPRECIATE ANY FEEDBACK

The Reaper 02-17-2017 12:46

I would suggest searching and reading here, AFTER you follow simple instructions and post an introduction in the proper place, as you were asked to do.

Your lack of patience and inattention to detail are not conducive to SF selection and training.

This is not a good way to get started on this site.


blue02hd 02-17-2017 17:04

To be very candid, if you can not properly use sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation at your age then you are wasting your time.

miclo18d 02-17-2017 18:48

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Make me a blueprint clown!

What ever, just shut up and make it!

One should not make friends with or piss off someone named "THE REAPER":munchin

CSB 02-18-2017 21:09

He did say that his location was "in the fog."

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