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EricV 12-05-2020 08:51

"I cant talk about my contractor time - I signed an NDA - the truth is, I probably shouldn't have even told you that I was working under an NDA - or that I was a contractor."

Holy Shiite!! :eek: Is Box gonna have to kill us all now that he told!!

"I'm a veteran with a marketing plan and a unique business model and as such, I am above and beyond reproach."

Ok,ok I get it Box. I'll take 10 "widgets" just don't come and hurt me!!

rsdengler 12-06-2020 11:10


Originally Posted by cat in the hat (Post 664504)
Or think like an aged NCO and make it RE caffeinated

As long as I get my morning "Jolt", I'm good with that.....:D

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